The Deputy from

Deputy of the Duma of Polevskoy urban district of the Sverdlovsk region, the party member “United Russia” Lyudmila Boronina invited the residents of the village of Krasnaya Gorka to surrender their children to a boarding school due to the fact that in their village there is no school.

Local residents have complained to the MP that several months can not get the authorities to solve problems with the delivery of their children to school. In the village of Red Hill is home to more than 500 people, but recently it has demolished the only school, and children are forced every day to walk along the route to school the city. The parents asked the Deputy to arrange a free bus because the Shuttle runs infrequently and the curve does not match the class.

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In response, Lyudmila Boronina suggested “to remember the good Soviet times” and to give children whose parents do not have personal transportation, boarding, in which students will be able to leave “from Monday to Saturday.”

Press Secretary of the Sverdlovsk branch of “United Russia” Maxim Bestvater confirmed that Boronina really made such a proposal, but noted that “it is not the best, and most likely, will not be accepted”. Thus, according to Bestvater, it is “the pleasing fact that deputies are addressing the problem.”

it is Noted that in addition to the party and the parliamentary activities of Lyudmila Boronina is the coordinator of the project “Strong family”.

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