Austria opens the borders to a New border regime creates confusion for Austria in the short term, open its borders – but only in one direction. Some have understood the message, miss.Claudia Blumer0 KommentareDie Switzerland only on 15. June open: border guards are on the Transition to Lustenau, Austria.Photo: Keystone

Since Wednesday Italy, Switzerland, and the Swiss can fully enter. Since Thursday also Austria does this. The latter came as a surprise. Because Austria had a opening in the middle of may actually, with Switzerland, Germany and France on a coordinated border by 15. June agreed. But then Vienna to be decided on Wednesday as a surprise.

Since Thursday, at 0 a.m. are cross – border and health controls at the borders of Austria so, again, history. This applies to Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It does not apply to Italy. Here are the pandemic decide not to pay “unfortunately,” that step yet, said the foreign Minister, Alexander Schallenberg.

the Austrian Council of Ministers not snubbed only Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter. She had visited Austria before the weekly deadline, a visit with the Minister of the interior about the issue of border opening is spoken. It is the first official overseas trip by a Federal Council member since the onset of the Corona pandemic.

Even in Italy, that is ruled out as the only country of the opening of the border, who are irritated by the decision. He was not only abusive, but also economic harm, said the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte and the foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio. In particular, the Italian tourism industry would be happy if the burners would be re-been in both directions open. So there were also in Austria, in particular, the interests of the tourism industry, which led to the early opening of the border.

Italy traffic is growing by 20 percent to

Some of the Austrians had understood the message of the opening of the border, apparently, wrong as the Bavarian radio reported. So had to reverse on Thursday morning at the border crossing in Passau motorist who wanted to go to Bavaria to go back. You wanted to go shopping or on a trip. However, the border opening is one-sided, Germany, opens on may 15. June.

in order to avoid a similar mess, hold on to Switzerland at the stated opening date, says Philippe Schwander from the state Secretariat for Migration. To the question whether the action of Austria in the Department of Federal councillor Karin Keller-irritating Sutter says Schwander: “That would be not known to me.” The border transitions between Switzerland and Austria are already open, and there were no systematic controls. A trip to Austria just to shop is from a Swiss point of view, the 15. June allowed again.

On the border with Italy, the mutual tourist traffic has increased since the unilateral Opening on Wednesday to 20 percent, as the Federal customs administration, the news Agency reported SDA. Many had crossed the border, because they have in Italy a property. Only a few had left for tourism purposes, Switzerland. Overall, the traffic volume is still significantly lower than prior to the Corona-crisis.

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