Re-Start of the Super League, Only Basel and YB provide your Fans with “homemade” masks, to face masks in the colors of your favorite teams? What is in the Bundesliga, almost a matter of course, to do in the Super League so far, only two Clubs. These are the reasons.Laura Inderbitzin0 comment only YB and FC Basel have their own protective masks in the offer.Photo: YBNeben the large format version with Logo offers YB, a black …photo: YBNicht only the players, the Official wear the masks, like here in Bavaria-sport-in-chief Hasan Salihamidzic.Photo: 1 / 8

In Germany, you see them everywhere. Lucien Favre with a black-and-yellow, Urs Fischer, with a red-and-white or Admir Mehmedi with a green: Since the League re-started, are protective masks have become a matter of course. Most of the Clubs and thanks to you, the Fans, have a own collection in the club colours.

in Switzerland, the Ball is rolling again soon, in ten days the season with the Cupviertelfinal between Lausanne will be conducted-sports and FC Basel continue. However, only a fraction of the Fans will come in the enjoyment of masks in your favorite colors. So far, only the Bernese Young Boys and FCB want to offer a own face protection.

YB will be launching the Mouth guard in three versions (all in Yellow, all in Black or Yellow-Black) in the first round, when FCB two masks (a red-and-blue as well as black) since last week in the Fanshop available. And they seem to be popular. “After a few days, around three-quarters of the 3000 masks were sold,” says Florian Hamann, head of Merchandising.

Both the Bern and the Basel say that you add the mouth-nose protection primarily for two reasons to the range: first, because authorities recommend the Wearing of protective masks and the Club could help the Virus a little curb. Secondly, because too many Fans were coming to the Club and explicitly, then, would have asked.

The two products differ not only in terms of the colors:

Both Clubs explicitly point out that they offer not a medical product, the FCB-masks, however, thanks to the treatment a little more effective against the Coronavirus. Hamann says: “First of all, we have very many “easy” cloth masks available. We decided then but for the treated variant. It represents, in our view, the high-quality product that was available on the market.”

“For many people, these masks symbolize illness and suffering.”

Sébastien Egger, spokesman of Xamax

so Far, intends to offer, in addition to the two dominant Teams of recent years, no other Super League Club protective masks. Some had this almost categorically. The media spokesman of Xamax, Sébastien Egger said about: “For many people, this product disease and suffering symbolizes. We don’t want our Club associated with it, and still less do we want to commercialize the come.”

Luzern and Servette were, however, pragmatic and primarily on their own masks, because they were in Switzerland, compulsory and included in the security concept of the League not occurred. Also, Sion and Thun have already decided not to own masks in their product range.

the Three of Clubs is still unsafe

At FC Zurich, FC St. Gallen and FC Lugano to run the investigations, meanwhile, is still. The three Clubs want to decide in the next few days, whether you offer to your Fans, blue-white, green-white or white-black facial masks. It is quite possible that the club masks will also be in Switzerland, even more in fashion.

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