The Montreal Canadiens won their last Stanley Cup 30 years ago. It is clear that the world has changed a lot since then.

We suspect that supporters have come from afar to attend the evening match at the Forum. Many people have an unpleasant surprise at the gas station. Average prices at the pump go up a few cents just before the fateful day. At Esso, you have to pay, in pain, for your full tank of gas up to 61.9 cents per litre. Hell.

In cinemas, the word that sums up the offer of the moment: quality. From Super Mario Bros. to The Cliff of Death via Pilots in the Air 2, the informed cinephile no longer knows where to turn. Future Saturday afternoon TV classics like Indecent Proposal and All-American are also generating curiosity, but never as much as the creature set to shake up the industry. Two days later, Jurassic Park hits North American screens. The film, the starting point for two trilogies, will gross around $1 billion.

“We need a little fun / We see sunshine just for fun / We need a little fun / Send sunshine if you can. “On the radio, the hit of the month of June looks funny like a call to the Canadian. Put a little sunshine in our lives, by Gilles Valiquette, only spent two weeks at the top of the charts in Quebec, but its passage coincides with the biggest festivities of recent years. Chance ? Probably not. In case of defeat, the next number 1 was ready: Richard Séguin, with Pleure in my place. In the United States, Janet Jackson topped the Billboard 200 with That’s The Way Love Goes. There will, as we know, be a lot of love in the air that week.

It’s boiling hard in Ottawa: following the resignation a few months earlier of Brian Mulroney, the Progressive Conservative Party, the party in power, is in the midst of a leadership race. Four days after winning the Cup, Kim Campbell imitates the Habs and triumphs over his opponent – ​​Jean Charest, here. She then became the first (and still only to this day) prime minister in the country’s history. Since hockey is everywhere, note that Roch Voisine, singer and cast member of Lance et compte, as well as Maurice Richard come to greet Mulroney at the party convention.

Telephiles certainly keep an imperishable memory: at 6:30 p.m., one hour before the start of the Kings-Canadian duel, Télévision Quatre-Saisons ceded its antenna to the Front commun intersyndical, while a conflict opposed some 355,000 employees of the State to the Government of Quebec. In the sights of union members: Daniel Johnson, President of the Treasury Board in the Bourassa cabinet. Law 102 on working conditions in the public sector and the municipal sector was finally adopted a week later.

At the 10th International AIDS Congress in Berlin, people were enthusiastic about the progress of research, but “no specialist will dare to give you a date, even a distant one, for the development of a vaccine or of an almost universal remedy,” reads the front page of La Presse. Or they say “the issue will be on the agenda in 20 years,” it adds. The journalist Louis-Bernard Robitaille did not believe, alas, not so well said.

In La Presse’s Vivre notebook – the equivalent of Arts et être today – we look at the grunge fashion that influenced the summer wardrobe that year: “After the yéyé and beatnik waves, after the ith the rise of the hippy and punk movements, it’s time for grunge to attract media attention! It is then pointed out that fashion has left “a certain underground milieu” and can now be seen among 15 to 20 year olds in the streets of the metropolis.

In the cultural sector, we learn that a new game will replace Jeopardy the following fall on TVA. We do not yet know the exact formula, except that three guests will participate daily in this game which does not yet have a name. Normand Brathwaite will host it. The informed reader will obviously have understood that this is Chili Fort, which will be broadcast for eight seasons. In front of a major audience, let’s be clear, “because there is drink”.