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Before having a romantic relationship with Helena Noguerra then Doria Tillier, actor Nicolas Bedos lived an intense romance with his colleague Elsa Zylberstein. The latter fell under his spell in 2005 when the son of Guy Bedos was not known. In the columns of Gala, she confided in their rather embarrassing first date.

“During our first dinner, he was sweaty. He said to me, ‘I could never have dinner with you’. He had a towel and was wiping his forehead,” she said. Their couple lasted three years, until 2008. A passionate relationship as she remembered in the columns of our colleagues from Paris Match: “I loved him like crazy. I believed in this man who was nothing – well, just the Bedos son. He had an overflowing inspiration, wrote everywhere, on bits of table. I was sure that he would do great things. This guy is out of the ordinary! In his need to be always stimulated, He was stimulating. He had the ability to galvanize me in everything, in work, in love, on a daily basis. He was electric!”, she explained.

In all her romantic relationships, the actress gives herself 100%, she explained to Gala: “I am completely crazy in love. I say when I love, I reveal myself, I don’t know how to hold back. a man… I give myself as I am, I have no safeguards. So, inevitably, I took it all in the face. But it’s the price to pay and it’s worth it”.


Before meeting Nicolas Bedos, actress Elsa Zylberstein lived a romantic idyll for almost seven years with Antoine de Caunes: “Our couple lasted seven years. It was not love at first sight and I don’t m ‘not expecting it,’ she explained in Gala. Despite their 15 years apart, they live a long and beautiful love story that ends in 2005.

“With him, who was twenty years older than me, I went from a little girl to a woman. It was the only time in my life when I lived with a man. Antoine is an intense, cultured and deep, who taught me righteousness and elegance. I grew up with him and I know that even today, wherever I am in the world, in case of need, he will always be there for me” , she told Paris Match. Finally, the actress will find love again in the arms of Nicolas Bedos the same year: “This guy, after my breakup with Antoine de Caunes, reconnected me to life. With him, I lived the adolescence that I hadn’t had before.”

After her high-profile breakup with Nicolas Bedos in 2008, Elsa Zylberstein is getting very low-key when it comes to her love life. It was not until February 14, 2014, Valentine’s Day, that Le Point magazine announced its affair with Arnaud Montebourg, who at the time was Minister of Productive Recovery.

“He seduced me with his panache and his intelligence. I like men larger than life, with a sense of beings and a sensitivity”, she explained in the columns of Paris Match. Unfortunately, the couple decides finally to separate in October of the same year. “The turnaround was not very productive,” she said on the set of the show We are not lying, October 11, 2014.

This Monday, October 10, Liberation devoted a portrait to Elsa Zylberstein on the occasion of the release of the film Simone, the journey of the century this Wednesday, October 12 at the cinema. The actress embodies the former Minister of Health Simone Veil, whose career has been through drama and hardship. On this occasion, Elsa Zylberstein made several revelations about her role as well as her private life.

Indeed, the 53-year-old actress reveals that she is no longer a heart to take and secretly keeps the name of the man who won her heart. “She is now in a relationship, even if it is each at home. And if she has not yet had a child, she sometimes thinks of adopting”, can we read in the columns of the daily newspaper.