Ugly band of war – France shocked by violence in the suburbs of Dijon fierce clashes between armed Chechens and a group of residents with North African roots concerns in the country caused a sensation.Riots in the North-East of Dijon: Chechen and North African young people together and get hard.(Video: Tamedia)

In a town near Dijon in the East of France, it came in several nights of violent rampage. There are two units of special operations forces to support the police in the area were in operation, said interior Secretary of state, Laurent Nuñez on Tuesday in Burgundy. He had no doubt that the investigation of the incidents led the perpetrators would be identified. In the suburb of Grésilles in the North-East of Dijon, several nights were set in a row of items and cars on fire and barricades were erected.

the Background of the clashes is a dispute between members of a Chechen and a group of residents Grésilles” with North African roots, was according to the police.

The Chechens have done in social networks against the other group mobile, said the Prosecutor of Dijon, Eric Mathais, the radio station France Bleu. Previously, a young man from the Chechen group had been violated. Three evenings in a row, had come up to 140 people, according to Grésilles, so Mathais. Several people had been injured. It had initially given four arrests, the AFP news Agency reported.

While on Monday evening the Situation in Grésilles remained calm, were, according to media reports, in the southwestern suburb of Chenôve torched several vehicles. Conservative and right-wing opposition politicians accused the government of not fast enough to intervene.

is Actually a quiet cobblestone

Dijon, a rather unusual venue for violent clashes in France. While it comes in the suburbs of the capital, Paris or the coast of Marseille in more often to clashes with the police, the city in the Eastern French Region of Burgundy as a quiet pavement. He understood that the population was now confused, said Nuñez. Of identifying the perpetrators there is evidence, the Secretary of state.

The use of force would be it had partly to do with 50 to 100 people “with batons, assault rifles, and weapons of war,” equipped have been, said the regional Chairman of the trade Union of the national police Alliance, PN, Stéphane Ragonneau, the news platform France info. The incident could not be used with other clashes in suburbs compared.