Antwerp is provided at the beginning of the match, and after a wash-out in Mechelen (malines), in which the Great Old, never really got the impression he managed to make it. The individual errors on the first two goals, and a lack of creativity for the tide to turn. The Deurnenaars unless urgent, surgery, rehabilitation is used: “This is really a bummer, because we do have the quality. However, we are looking at the same time, the reality is in the eye,” said a clearly misnoegde Wesley Hoedt.

the KV Mechelen will End 3 – 1 Antwerp, Report Layouts, Antwerp, and returned without any of the points back to Sk. Not that the KV Mechelen are an awful lot of rooms were Behind the fire, but it’s a Great, Old, gave, just, much, to, rarely at home. And certainly not at the moment of the truth. Okay, that’s 1-0 on Mbokani came across a gem of a high level of performance, but it also gave Antwerp is a shortfall in Players. Add to that the individual errors on the stationary phase and are also all to easy to figure 3-1, and then, you know, that’s a lot of and a lot to stay here again.

finally, Kevin Mirallas, himself, it was only after the coffee is good, and to do so on a high-wound, no bones about it: “It just wasn’t good enough, even though it was in the beginning with great promise, with the 1-0 as well, in terms of a collective”, he said, the flankspeler, that is, when the items of loss to come, with two goals after individual mistakes: “it is a pity, because these are the things that often happen. Strange, because we work each and every day. We will be as one ” will continue to be on them. Certain it is, that this is a collective problem, because you will either win or lose real and el come together, managed to Mirallas, who thought that it would get better after the tea, “But even then, it was too many garbage at the game. So, I really don’t enjoy it. And we need an urgent pick up, especially with all the great games that are coming our way.”

READ (N) . REVIEWS. Goalscorers are the major players in Mechelen, belgium Kevin Mirallas’s best Acquisition.

Mirallas did not come until after the break on a roll. (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Wesley Hoedt: “I don’t have a declaration for”

you can Also Kill Beware, he had a better mood in the mixed zone: “A well-deserved defeat? That’s not it,” said the Dutchman, who is known as nails, with the heads rapped: “If you did not comply with it, then you are taking in two goals in a match”, referring to the advocate on the individual mistakes in the back at the final result. “But it wasn’t just a bad cover, we went in reverse after the 0-1. That is something that we will never be allowed to do so. I’m certainly no explanation for it. However, we have had a lot better at it. I know this is not the case, but I’m not going to dwell on. It is a fact that we can wake up and Play off the 1 as a goal.”

Faris Haroun: “Mission not accomplished”

And what, thought leader, Faris Haroun, the gestruikel in Mechelen, belgium? “We deserved this defeat, not at all. Those two misses at the stationary phase? So-called mja, I was also taking a step forward from the 1-to-1”, gave the Haroun are a shot in the dark matter. “Well, we have been following the 2-1 to get everything done, with the two strikers, but we didn’t make the right decisions. This is to analyze the causes of search. Because of our ambition, this was really too much. If you have a home in points of late, you have to take them somewhere else to pick up. And so, it is our mission to have failed.”

Haroun did not go off scot-free for the first Belgian goal. (Photo: Photo News for More on the NEW – better SPELERSBEOORDELINGEN. Goalscorers are the major players in the Mechelen (malines), Kevin Mirallas best man from antwerp, KV Mechelen, right Gaffer, and establishes himself firmly in the top six, bosom friends, Geoffry Hairemans and Faris Haroun rejoined: “My role at Antwerp, and was in the end more of a clown than a football player,” All of the redesigned Team: royal Antwerp, will soon be in the top four of the largest football stadiums