There are no small savings. While inflation is knocking out household purchasing power and energy supply difficulties are worrying about winter, every daily gesture is important. The government is constantly hammering it home: consuming better, consuming less and consuming smartly is becoming essential to be in line with the energy sobriety plan.

To reduce the bill and avoid the cut, you can already equip yourself with several small devices which, in the long term, will make you make significant savings. Among these objects that do not look like the multi-socket… Provided that it is equipped with a switch.

Indeed, this installation allows you to turn off several electronic devices and household appliances at the same time, saving you the heavy expense of standby. When they’re still powered, your TV, cell phone charger, or food processor continues to consume power and eat into your budget.

In a press release, the Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME) explains: “The total power of these watches for a household often exceeds 50 watts, which represents a cost of more than €80 / year. Switching off the watches makes it possible to make substantial savings (up to 10% of our electricity bill!), but also to preserve the equipment”.

To optimize these savings, think carefully about the layout of your power strips. For example, give a full power strip to your television-related devices: box, DVD player, screen, home cinema… So you only have to turn the switch on and off each time you watch your program prefer.

In the same way, install a special “breakfast” power strip in your kitchen, where you will connect your kettle, your coffee machine or your toaster.