Another Himpe (36) from Wevelgem might be in Aalbeke was killed in the Moeskroensesteenweg to a trade. That seems to be the dish, however, is to think of it. Passing motorists saw her car Tuesday morning on the side of the road. Her ex-Ridoan D. was there, too. “He was standing on the passenger side, and went on a wild rampage. He hit it on something or trying something in the car to push it,” says a witness of our paper.

as The witness drove by. “Out of fear. I did not even have to look at it because he was so violent as it was.” The witness drove three cars. As the court found, would have to be at least one person, police warn.

Ridoan D., is an importer of orange, who already had several convictions, suffered for, and facilitated, and drugsfeiten, the murder is already known to the judge. It is believed that he and his wife met when she’s with her left. Then, drove to Pick Himpe, may be under threat, according to Aalbeke, which Ridoan her with a knife, and ombracht, on the side of the road. The body was then hiding in the home of her mother-in Wevelgem. There it was, the woman been recently withdrawn, after the pair apart, had gone out on the run for her violent ex. In the car, Jill did it in a parking lot in the Ad.

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“The papers”, he told us:

The family of Another, testified Tuesday that Ridoan O., his wife, has for months threatened and stalkte. The police had asked him one time and got arrested but then released, and the family is not totally understood. He had already let it be understood that he should do this thing, “the newspapers will pick them up”. The man could divorce, not verkroppen, but also demanded money from his wife’s family. Today, Sunday, is a reconstruction will be held.

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