After eight years of litigation, the Antwerp court of appeal has ruled that the ku Leuven swimming pool, Sportoase is indeed responsible for the death of Julien Dumoulin. The 18-year-old student, it was not until after eleven minutes, at the bottom is noticed by a man. “Unintentional killing,” says the Antwerp court of law.

An agony, it is with the family of Julien Dumoulin. Eight years after his death, at the bottom of the ku Leuven swimming pool Sportoase Philipssite, it was found, will’s mother, Marie-Jean Dujardin, where they have been fighting: the rule of law. After a court case in Leuven, belgium, two from Brussels, and are now in Antwerp, explains, justice is no longer to blame for her son and herself. “Sportoase was the death of Money could be avoided, as in the present and saving their work properly had to be done,” she said.

The Antwerp court of appeal, which by order of the court, the Court of Appeals again, the case of bending, the eight Sportoase so bad. More specifically, to the “accidental killing due to a lack of precaution”, even though it caused the young student to the field of biomedical sciences from the Prince of breath hold diving as long as possible to remain under water without a diving – which the court classified as a are not risk-free. Dumoulin was not until after eleven minutes, it should be noted, because of the saving in the matter of a swimming pool, to the clean-up was.

The family of Julien is now waiting for a compensation of $ 20,000. “The money we don’t have”, responded Juliens, peter and Geert Coppens. “For us, it is crucial that the truth is brought to light.”