Neighboring countries to re-open as soon as they were over the border, it was called: mask!Around three months they were due to the pandemic, more or less, today, the country’s open borders. In the South of Germany, it is already waiting eagerly for the shopping tourists. 95 Kommentare95Nahe Geneva, on the border Switzerland-France, jump to two people on Concrete blocks, with which the border, until today, has been cordoned off. Keystone/ Martial Trezzini

Switzerland has opened on Monday at midnight, the country’s borders for EU and Efta citizens, there is full free movement of persons prevails again. The event was in some places celebrated.

Among much applause, Bravo and “the wall must go”Call the viewers of the metal were cleared elements on the border between Konstanz and Kreuzlingen to the side. Representatives of both sides are severed at the same time the cable ties between each of the fence elements and met in the middle between the double fence.

The Kreuzlingen city President Thomas Niederberger, and the Constance mayor Uli Burchardt had each brought a bottle of wine, to toast. The two are grown together, cities are now separated, was a “super good feeling,” said Niederberger.

Celebration in Basel

Great joy also in Basel: representatives of the authorities of the trinational Region of Basel celebrated in the Morning, the end of the three-month border closure. For the Basel President of the government Elisabeth Ackermann, this event was “a strong sign of mutual appreciation”.

are removed barriers at the border close to Geneva. Keystone/Martial Trezzini

the lifestyle of The three-border area have been missing her in recent months, Ackermann said at the Ceremony on the three-country bridge between Weil on the Rhine, D, and Huningue F.

Now, it is important to prevent the cross-border cooperation is a further border closure of this type, said the Basel President of the government more. The concerns of the Region in the triangle would have to be borne increasingly common to Bern, Paris, and Berlin.

Also representatives of authorities from Germany and France were happy about the re-opening of the borders. During the border closure, the Region grew more closely together. It had not shown “that we are only neighbors or partners, but friends,” it was said at the Ceremony.

shopping abroad is possible

the opening of The border has already been used early in the Morning, by many people, as it was called at the request of the news Agency Keystone SDA, the Swiss Federal customs administration (FCA). So be on the highway border crossing at Rheinfelden been a lot of traffic.

A rush of shopping tourists from Switzerland was in the Department store Rhein center in Weil am Rhein D, however, cannot be discerned. Also in Constance, although do not feel a rush of shopping tourists in the shops and Restaurants of los, however, was more than usually at the start of the week.

The hoped-for rush of shopping tourists, however, remained. “It is a day of the week. The people must work,” said Peter Herrmann, Manager of the Lago center in Konstanz, the welcome return of normality. He expects around 25’000 to 28’000 visitors. In the “lake” to make the purchases from the Swiss, according to Herrmann, roughly 30 to 35 percent of sales.

mask mandatory in Germany: In Kreuzlingen, a border controlled guardian receipts on the 15. June 2020, on the first day of the open border. Keystone/Gian Ehrenzeller

The customs in Konstanz, the first shopping tourists were on the Morning of your receipts for the VAT refund stamp. Since 1. January 2020 must exceed the refund of the purchase in a business in one day 50 Euro.

neighbouring countries: travel in public TRANSPORT with masks

prevails Meanwhile, in Switzerland, in the work of public transport the mask of duty, must be placed in long-distance trains (ICE/IC/EC) in Germany as a mask. Depending on the state, different regulations on regional trains and S there may be paths.

Also on all of the trips in public transport in France and Italy, a mask is mandatory. In addition, other hygiene rules must be adhered to. In Austria, a mouth-nose protection is compulsory also in all public transport. As soon as a train on the Swiss border, rolled out abroad, travelers must put on a protective mask.

easing since mid-may

Between Switzerland, Austria and Germany, the entry restrictions were already at 16. May have been loosened. The border crossings between Switzerland and Germany and Austria have since been opened.

It was based were only of risk, but no systematic border controls. The borders of these two countries was allowed to happen only to those who live in a cross-border relationship, relatives to visit, or in the other country as a second home it has.

Originally Switzerland wanted to the limits on the 15. To open June, only the neighboring countries of Germany, France and Austria are complete. Italy had its limits unilaterally on 3. June opened.

(SDA / sep)

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