One game we went to one competition winner. Mathieu van der Poel has been in the field over there has begun to be the at the end of last winter it just stopped with a start. The world champion has performed as a soloist in the as Yet seemingly easy to win. “You know, I’m still looking forward to the crossgevoel”, gave the MvdP, the resistance to a low dose of courage.

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. The first to cross, straight bingo bingo: Van der Poel solos to victory in Ruddervoorde.

is Really easy and it’s not gone, friend of the Lake. “It was a difficult and very technical”, he analyzed the Flemish race. “I was constantly on the lookout for the crossgevoel, and I haven’t really found it. I did not get the impression that the gears were.”

So What? Van der Poel: “So I’ve got my own time driving, even a small hole is left. The Basis is good, but there is still a lot of work. This result is the first confirmation that I’ve worked with. From now on, it will only get better and better. Of course, I was right. If you don’t, you win, you will not have to cross. And yes, I really, really enjoyed it.”

The hoped-for duel with Eli Iserbyt was not there. “They come on Friday I went on there the last few have been” was of the Pool of opponents is an excuse. “It doesn’t take away the fact that he has performed well over the last few weeks.”

Sweeck pretty second:

most of The opposition came out in the end, of Laurens Sweeck. He stood up for his team-mate Iserbyt. “He’s not a machine. He had an off-day, as I was on Friday a difficult day. I have, it Was difficult to try to make it, but at a certain point, he could just be a tooth, to switch it and I don’t know. I kept the hole very small, but he’s technically so good. What is the difference? Was to win his 28th match of the world cup, I didn’t have one. We’ll start with the thought of winning, and that’s going to be the next career to be no different. However, there is such a thing as reality, and that you have to have the guts to see.”

Year just

Laurens Sweeck is the new leader of the world cup, in a leading position, which it shares with the Show for one more Year, the third one in as Yet. “It was difficult to cross with a lot of riders who are in each other’s near field. There wasn’t enough of a punch to drive in a technical circulation, is a good round to have in a gap store. Was, and He crossed something out.”

the Year saw a difficult wedstrijdbegin. “This is what I’m working on it. But, the third on this track, I’m quite pleased with the results. With the arrival of Mathieu, there is more pressure. It was, for me, is not the easiest of weeks, but I was able to enjoy this third place is more than that of a second place finish in the last few weeks.”

More about Mathieu van der Poel, Mathieu van der Poel, putting eye-catching tradition, after the cross-on. (and more bad news for the competition is over and the christmas season) First to cross, straight bingo bingo: Van der Poel solos to victory in Ruddervoorde, Van der Poel, after the Olympic Games, is ready for a new challenge: “I would like to go to the Vuelta,” the Ex-world champions to put it in Yet put their money on Van der Poel: “For it Was subject to the normal crosswetten not”