The Laval Rocket season could end earlier than expected, as of Friday night in Utica.

Earlier than expected, yes, because following the magical spring of a year ago, when the Laval club was eliminated just before they could reach the American League final, the wildest hopes were allowed in this 2022-23 season.

But those hopes could end on Friday night in Utica, the venue for Game 2 of this series against the Comets.

The New Jersey Devils farm club won the first game of the series, presented Wednesday night at Place Bell in Laval, in a convincing and clear 4-0 victory.

Since this first-round series is a 2 of 3, the Rocket has no more room to maneuver, and absolutely must win for their immediate survival. If the Laval club were to win on Friday evening, a third and decisive match would be presented on Saturday evening, again in Utica.

In the Rocket’s camp, despite the stinging loss in Game 1, there is perhaps this glimmer of hope on the horizon: the Canadiens’ farm club went a perfect 3-0 record at Utica in games presented during the season.

The start of the meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m.