Castor firefighter Stephen Rayfield has left behind a wife, and a young son

Castor, Alta. is currently in mourning after a firefighter died responding to an accident on Friday night.

The town is located east of Red Deer in Alta. It has approximately 930 residents. Castor and other parts of Painearth County are served by the volunteer fire department.

Richard Elhard, the mayor of the town, stated that he was notified by a caller on Friday about 8:30 pm about a “horrific incident”.

The roads were very icy and firefighters were rushing to help at a motor vehicle collision. One of the trucks lost control due to the ice and rolled.

Patrick Kelly, the town’s fire chief was hurt in the accident. Stephen Rayfield, a firefighter, was also killed.

Elhard stated that “the community is just devastated.”

Elhard stated that Rayfield worked at a wind farm west of town. He is survived by a young boy and his wife.

A new fire hall was just opened for the community’s fire department. Elhard stated that Rayfield was essential to the opening the new hall.

Recently, Elhard was asked to come down to the draw by the firefighters of the community who held a cash fundraising event. Rayfield was filming Kelly, the fire chief, and the mayor on his cell phone.

Elhard stated that they were discussing with him about the poor cameraman he is and that the men were joking around. “That was the last time we spoke.”

Rayfield posted the news about the opening of the new fire station on his Facebook page, Jan. 26, 2012.

He wrote, “Big and massive thanks to everyone who has helped this happen.” It means a lot for us all.

Elhard stated that he is certain Rayfield and the mourning firefighter crew will be supported by their community in the coming days. He isn’t sure what that community support will look at this point because of COVID-19.

He said, “But this community, for certain, will stand behind them.”

Kelly, the fire chief of the town, was taken to Red Deer Hospital. Since then, he has been able to go home.