Starting in 2022? – The Lauberhorn-race in front of the From the dispute escalated: The Swiss ski Association should have requested the FIS to the deletion of the Lauberhorn race from the world Cup calendar.Marcel Rohner94 Kommentare94Ein image, which is part of the past? The Italians Dominik Paris down to grind up the Lauberhorn.KEYSTONE

The accusations in the three-page media release are steep, the conclusion is clear: Swiss-Ski is said to have requested from the world Federation FIS, the deletion of the Lauberhorn race. The the OC reported early Wednesday afternoon. “A request was tabled to today’s meeting of the Worldcup Subcommittee of the FIS,” writes it. In addition, the FIS had been instructed to conceal this application the OK. This is not to say: at the moment, the legendary race in Switzerland in the calendar of the season 2021/22. Of course, this also applies to the men’s departure, the longest in the world, the Beat Feuz in January, and triumphed.

The conflict between the organising Committee and Swiss-Ski raging for some time. Every year, losses result in the race from Wengen, 2019, from a deficit despite record attendance of 270’000 francs. Also because of the Canton of Bern in things large and do not help as quickly as, for example, the Valais or Graubünden in the race of Crans-Montana and St. Moritz.

And: In Wengen you are still reluctant, however, all of the panoramas with advertising zuzukleistern. An example of this: a sheet of Advertising tuft on the Dog. Swiss-Ski is not want to him, Wengen. Like the look of can, presented to the downhill of Kitzbühel. There, emblazoned on the mountain edge, another legendary place of the departure of winter, a Red Bull arch.

The dog crested the sky, at the mountain edge, quite a lot of advertising to: Carlo Janka, the body skips in Kitzbühel. Red Bull”A long-term partnership, absolutely unworthy of”

Swiss-Ski up to 2.5 million contributed To the Budget of nine million francs, the Lauberhon-OK wants more, and has addressed a question to the court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne. An interim judgment is available, but was not published. In the media release it says that the OC “would have to request to his Regret,” the continuation of the proceedings, should not be the ski Federation is willing to talk.

In an Interview with this newspaper, Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann in March, said he could not comment on the ongoing proceedings. He said, however, the mindset of the organizers had to change – “I can’t organize a Top Event, which also has a charisma to the world, without being willing to think commercially.” Swiss-Ski could not pay as required, a Million of francs more. In the media release, the OC points out that Lehmann had stressed in recent days and weeks, always the importance of the race. And it continues: “This is a long-standing and successful partnership is absolutely unworthy of, and not in any way a Good Governance.”

A good hour after the allegations of the OC reacted to Swiss-Ski. It is written by differences of opinion, and the fact that the Association is unable to fulfil the Wengen demands. The Association will see themselves forced to minimize the procedure-related risks.

2022 is SUI instead of Wengen

The awarding of the race at the FIS, they shall assign the Events to the respective associations, the competition is big. FIS President Gian Franco Kasper said in February that he could fight back a little, so a lot of requests there. 100 places, he got on his waiting list. The Chinese want to be more races, there will be applicants from Eastern Europe and the USA. But also in Switzerland, there are ski resorts with claims, Veysonnaz, Zermatt, Davos or Lenzerheide, for example. If an Association Swiss-Ski now returns a race, he is not entitled to a replacement event.

Swiss-Ski has been maintained in the long-term Plan of the FIS, the actual Lauberhorn date for 2022 free, such as the Association writes in its opinion. It, however, not with Wengen noted, but with SUI. Just Zermatt, his desire is to have already placed, whether a race, at the requested time would be actually possible, but it is unclear.

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