Michèle Bernier: who are the men in her life?


This Tuesday, September 27, Michèle Bernier is back in the spotlight with the launch of season 7 of the series La Stagiaire on France 2. Recently, she notably confided in her past relationship with her ex-companion Bruno Gaccio at S, Sophie Davant’s magazine. The actress and the author of Guignols de l’info have been in a relationship for 15 years. From this union were born two children: Charlotte in 1987 and Enzo in 1997. However, while the actress is pregnant with their second child, the comedian is in love with another woman, putting an end to his relationship.

After this painful separation, Michèle Bernier lived through a complicated period. Interviewed in the program 50 ‘inside Nikos Aliagas, the actress revealed that she had considered ending her life. “We were starting the show, I had the gun to my head and I said to myself, I’m still not going to fuck myself up for a guy”, she had told.

Michèle Bernier confides to Sophie Davant’s magazine that she has done a lot of work on herself to stay on good terms with the father of her children: “It’s work and determination. Bruno Gaccio is the father of my children, and he had to stay that way, that mustn’t change. We obviously went through difficult times, I did a lot of psychoanalysis, but we can’t live in resentment forever. What happiness today to get together and eat together. Even if we have rebuilt our lives on our own, these moments are important for our children, for me, for Bruno, for everyone.”

Michèle Bernier’s father was also famous. Indeed, Georget Bernier was known for having co-founded the magazines Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo. Nicknamed Professor Choron in reference to the street where Hara-Kiri’s first premises were located, Georget Bernier was also a writer, comedian and singer. Among his works are records, books, but also an operetta called “Drunk death for the homeland”.

He was married to Odile Vaudelle until his suicide in 1985, when Michèle Bernier was 29 years old. His father died on January 10, 2005 at the age of 75 from refractory anemia. “When he left, I had a kind of strong psychological shock”, she confided to Michel Cymes in the show It will not come out from here on France 2, January 10, 2020. “The psychologist from the hospital told me that in fact both my parents were leaving at the same time for me, because it’s as if I had kept my mother with me for a bit and that I hadn’t taken it so much to have separated her and my father.”

Today, Michèle Bernier is single. In the interview granted to the magazine S, the actress preferred to joke about her love situation. “I, who have not been in a relationship for a long time, would do a piece on the wear and tear of celibacy”, she confided before revealing that she would have liked to live a unique love story.

On Saturday September 24, 2022, the actress had passed on the set of Télématin. Invited to listen to songs likely to bring back memories, it is by listening to “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” , the tube Elvis Presley, which the actress immediately thinks of this “former lover” who had one day “left her on a station platform”. Especially since this rupture took place shortly after the death of the King. A little later, Michèle Bernier reveals to host Damien Thévenot that she fell in love… for an undertaker! “I was at someone’s funeral, I was with a friend and there, the undertakers arrive. And in the undertakers, there is a boy who was so handsome”, she said. first remembered. Curious, Damien Thévenot asked her if she dared to start the discussion with the man. “No, I smiled at him a little … It was not done. I was not going to flirt with him”, she replied, before concluding: “But I kiss him because I think that he doesn’t remember. But I do.”