Wilfried Vandaele N VA I keep becoming more and more aware that on the 23rd of september yet not a Flemish government
Wilfried Vandaele N VA I keep becoming more and more aware that on the 23rd of september yet not a Flemish government

note that In the Flemish Parliament there is a “more is more” should be kept in mind that, at 23 september, Flemish government was formed and the new prime minister, who is also not a Septemberverklaring you will be able to take it. That is, president of Wilfried Vandaele’s (N-SK) said Thursday it is in The ‘mornings’ show on Radio 1. The fiscal framework under which the government will have to work for the government negotiators are a difficult issue, ” he said.

on Wednesday, already confirmed by anonymous sources, that the position of the N-VA, CD&V and Open VLD, the 23rd of september as a “fetish” party. They are to aim always at an agreement by that date, but the content is the priority at which the symbolic timing”, I was told.

Wilfried Vandaele, since last July, the president of the Flemish Parliament will confirm the target date is not met. “It may take time, but we have to keep becoming more and more aware that this is not the place.” According to Vandaele has been in the making for a Septemberverklaring on the fourth Monday in september, is mainly a matter of tradition. “If the government won’t be finished in time, it will be in the office of the Flemish Parliament come together and decide that there is no Septemberverklaring to come.” Vandaele is hoping for a possible delay, but a couple of days.

the Flemish formation, which is more time-consuming than was first proposed, according to Vandaele, inter alia, with the financial situation to do. “Manna does not fall from the sky, in the budget, it is, indeed, one of the important points.” But also in terms of content, there is still work to be done, ” says Vandaele. The different thematic working groups to talk about a lot of things about chords, but the outstanding issues must still be in the central group is to be treated, “which are knots that must be cut”.

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