This Monday, June 19, 2023, the holidays invited themselves to the National Assembly. Indeed, six deputies from the various Nupes groups have presented “emergency measures” to guarantee all families “the right to vacation” and the possibility of leaving this summer, reports Le Figaro.

According to the deputy LFI François Ruffin, signatory of this project, the holidays illustrate a “great feeling of downgrading” in society. The chosen one reveals to be more and more confronted “with people who work but who say that they will not leave this summer”. According to him, it is time to put in place a “public vacation policy”.

The six deputies of the Nupes wish to put in place several measures to make the holidays less unequal. To do this, they want to reduce the cost of transport by allowing each household to benefit, from July 1 to August 31, 2023, from a round trip with free tolls. On the train side, it would be a question of offering an unlimited ticket at 29 euros on the national TER network, as well as a round trip by TGV at 29 euros, over the same period July-August. Finally, the deputies call for a cap on the price of plane tickets between mainland France and the overseas territories, subject to means testing, during the summer.

Attractive measures but whose debate and implementation are not on the agenda. Indeed, for lack of a parliamentary niche, the deputies of Nupes will only be able to tackle their project from the start of the school year and, therefore, after the summer holidays 2023. In the meantime, discover in our slideshow below 7 boosts for go on vacation this summer at low prices.