Green Monday: the trick to saving money while protecting the planet


Since the start of 2022, inflation has been raging in France. Shopping is more and more expensive and the shopping carts are less and less full. Faced with this situation, many French people have been forced to adapt their consumption habits, buying less or buying differently.

But many people do not know what to eat, and how, in order to reduce their food expenditure. In this sense, one of the techniques that is spreading more and more is to reduce your meat consumption.

Indeed, red meat is particularly expensive and, moreover, it is not particularly good for health, which makes it preferable, according to the National Cancer Institute, to limit yourself to 500g per week.

But another tip allows you to more naturally reduce your consumption of meat, both red and white, to do good for your body, your wallet but also for the planet.

What if you gave up eating meat on Monday? This is what the concept of Green Monday offers. It would allow everyone to reduce their food expenses but also to protect the planet.

“We know that livestock farming contributes significantly to climate change, assures research director at the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (Inrae) and initiator, with the psychologist Laurent bègue- Shankland, of the concept of green Monday in France, in the columns of Sud-Ouest If all French people ate vegetarian every Monday, i.e. a 15% reduction in consumption, we would save at least as much greenhouse gas as all domestic flights in France in one year, that is to say 5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent”, continues the researcher.