A few days after his televised address presenting the new major projects of the quinquennium, Emmanuel Macron resumed travel in the field. The President of the Republic was, this Wednesday, April 19, 2023, in Muttersholtz to visit the Mathis company, working on the design of buildings for the 2024 Olympic Games.

On the plane that took him to Alsace, the Head of State confided in our colleagues from the Public Welfare. According to the president, while the pension reform is still on everyone’s mind, we must project ourselves into three major projects: work, justice and republican order, and progress to live better. “It’s a relaunch after a social crisis and disagreements. You have to be able to start again.”

Out of the question, therefore, to return to the pension reform. “Shifting the retirement age means working more and producing more wealth for the country. It’s an effort for everyone, it’s true, and I’m aware of it, but it’s useful collectively”, explained Emmanuel Macron to our Public Good colleagues.

If changing the text on pensions is not on the agenda, completing it appears to be the solution: “My responsibility is not to say: ‘I heard you and I’m not going to do anything’. [… ] This is why the text has moved and that we are going to complete it with the pact of life at work.”

In concrete terms, what will this addition to the reform consist of? “The government will resume the agreement they made on the sharing of value. We will then agree on a bill on full employment to better integrate into employment people who are currently far from it. [… ] Then, I will propose to build together a social agenda and a program on all the major labor issues”, reports Le Bien Public.

While this Monday, April 24, 2023 will mark the first anniversary of this second five-year term, Emmanuel Macron does not claim to rewrite history. “We don’t rewrite history, we make it. […] Are there any mistakes that have been made? Yes. Is the country under great tension? Yes.”

How does the President of the Republic wish to respond to the challenge? What does he think of the accusations of contempt? What does he intend to do about the decline in purchasing power and the future of his Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne? Find out in our slideshow.