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The film releases returned, like many other things, with the “new normal.” Little by little, the billboard reverts to showing new titles that you see on the big screen. Between them, this Friday is “Super Makey”, a comedy that pays homage to the action films of the eighties and is starring Leo Harlem. The comic puts on the uniform of police to demonstrate what happens when an agent exercises his own sense of justice,” in madrid’s neighbourhood of Carabanchel. “Makey has a excessive professional zeal and a great sense of responsibility that sometimes it causes problems. In addition, you try to solve the problems, but, despite its good intentions, gets rather the opposite,” explains leon.

So that the viewer can get the idea, this particular agent begins the film (as can be seen in the trailer of the same) by giving the high-the bus of Real Madrid preventing that dispute the Classic. “Not in three thousand lives that live would do that, it is a bus diplomat,” he says between laughter Harlem. “At Barca he was divine that to happen really, but this is where it generates the comedy of this fiction. I imagine the writers (Jorge Lara and Fernando Pérez), thinking what can ruin his career but that is something that he does with good will, and that has been to stop the Classic and over cause you to lose the Madrid,” points out Alfonso Sanchez, director of the film.

As punishment, the “Super Makey” is moved to the Costa del Sol, including Estepona, by the Inspector Cortés, a character that has allowed Silvia to April and get “more serious” account. “Does not cease to be a partner, a friend of the soul of Makey, who tries to get this man put out, finally, the feet on the ground. Someone that will check a cable when you need it and to tell you the things that you don’t want to hear”, explains the actress. “I’m going to play return to reality because it is a character that has its own way of seeing things,” he adds.

There, in addition to being reunited with her daughter, with the years they do not talk about, and give with a dangerous network of drug traffickers, are met with Willy. “He is everything contrary to Makey”, anticipates Jordi Sánchez, in charge of interpreting it. “It is a mindless that in life the only thing he has done has been flirting, eating, drinking and riding business with the money of others. It is one of those people that if you have at hand, you must flee. But, in this case, with the character of Leo, is on the contrary”, he adds. The loneliness of Makey and Willy will push you to help and support “to bring forward a affable plot of friendship and solve the thing is of the international drug trade”, advanced by the actor.

in A nod to the eighties

“Super Makey” is filled with nods to the detective films of the 80’s, as a “Superdetective en Hollywood”, from the music, the costumes or the staging. “In fact, at some point we wanted to make it seem as if you were shot in that time”, points out Sánchez. The “compadre” has a long history of supporting actor in tv series like “down There” and feature films such as “8 apellidos vascos” or “The world is yours”, which he also directed, and face to face for the first time the address of a movie “on demand”. Despite not being their own idea, the most complicated thing for the seville has been “trying to make a movie based on this homage to the action films of the eighties, but in which all is comedy for you to enjoy the family.” “They are two tones that are very different that they had to live together: the action and the comedy.”

For the actors, especially Leo Harlem, the challenge has been in the action scenes. “We have worked very hard during the seven weeks we’ve been rolling (in Estepona, Tenerife and Madrid),” said the comedian. “One more week we have been to pearl because we are not actors, action and a movie of this style is complicated in that sense because it takes more time to prepare the scenes,” adds Sánchez. But they also wanted to highlight the work of the specialists: “they Are the true heroes”. “In addition, they were very pleasant. I think that for them it is different to be in a comedy than in a more serious movie. Here there were times in which the errors were hits,” he says.