visitors to the online verkoopsites like 2dehands, Autoscout24, and Airbnb, a popular target for criminals. In september it rose at the the number of messages on a good facsimile of the sites that are both buyers and sellers, money, and banking information to try to scam. The federal public service-Economy, this year, more reports about online fraud, then in the very end of 2018.

now, You can buy a second-hand device, through the internet, wrote, ” the amount requested, but never received your phone? Whether you want to make your car, sell it, and went in with a request for your bank account details to confirm via a third-party site, and saw your account and looted it? You are not alone in this.

“Since september, we have noted a marked increase in the number of reports concerning phishing, online verkoopsites,” says Andreas Bomans, of a part of the Belgian Centre for cyber-security. “In the past, they tried to come at you via e-mail with a fake link clicking, and now they are trying to do it via sites like 2dehands, Autoscout24, and Airbnb.”

these criminals to do your bidding and ask questions to the sellers, in order for the uk to create an account on a fake web site from a pakjesbedrijf. If they ask for a third-party site to your IBAN bank account number to confirm. If they’re fake classified ads sites, they are potential buyers for the cost of transport to hospital, or pay an advance fee via Western Union or Moneygram. All of the victims have been taken.


In the federal public service Economy, this year up to yesterday, all of 7.467 reports of online fraud, which is by 6% more than the whole of last year. received on its hotline received more than a million suspected phishing e-mails are sent, more than 50 per cent, more than the whole of 2018.

you can have a Specific number on verkoopsites are not available, but the number of reports is increasing since september, so fast, that SafeOnWeb this week, a special page has been posted online for users to help prevent phishing in the online verkoopsites to recognize it. “It is, sometimes it is so professionally done that it is hard to tell the difference,” says Bomans.

SafeOnWeb gets the facsimile of websites, every offline as well. “We have to mow the grass in the path of the law by the way, but they are moving to other platforms.”

now, The Computer Crime Unit of the federal police know of the phenomenon and suggests that the reputation of the seller, check on the internet and not have to pay for it without a warranty. Who the victim is, must be, as much as possible, proofs of printing, and thus to the local police.

If you are you should be wary of it?

• you are asked for the sale to settle out of the zoekertjessite.

• you will be prompted to pay by using a package or a shipping company.

• you will be prompted for a bankverificatie to do so.

• * * * The buyer offers you a higher amount than you are asking.

• you will be prompted to pay a deposit for the sale to be confirm by Western Union or Moneygram.