In the Bundeswehr, consultant, affair have become the new Details are known. FDP parliamentary group Deputy Christian Dürr said the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Friday edition), within four years about half a Million Euro for consultancy services had gone “to a Familiar of the state Secretary Katrin Suder”. The response of the Federal government to a minor Interpellation of the FDP show, “as a friend of the Secretary of state, the order books were filled,” said Dürr.

the Essential parts of the answer was the Federal government, according to the report, under lock and key. In the open, the newspaper in this part of the answer daily rates are listed for the Moderation of events in the amount of 2800 Euro, including two of the daily rates for the same Person on the same day.

alleged favoritism

The affair of irregularities in the awarding of consultant contracts has brought Federal defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) in distress. In the Ministry of million-dollar contracts in circumvention of the procurement should have been awarded the right, even the accusation of nepotism is in the room.

This week, the CDU and the SPD stopped in the Bundestag for the time being, the establishment of the investigation Committee to the affair. Actually, FDP, Left and the greens wanted to use in Berlin on Wednesday a Committee of inquiry, but in the meeting, the plan was postponed as a surprise, because some of the members was not formulated from the ranks of the CDU and the SPD the aim of the investigation Committee is accurate enough. This should be clarified in the next two weeks in more Detail.