The police did not exclude the possibility of a “crime of passion”, it said in the last few days in messages to a crime in Sankt Augustin. In a municipal shelter for refugees and homeless people, the body of a sieve was found ten-year-old girl who had been missing since last Friday. A nineteen-year-old, in whose room was found Dead, the police as a suspect, he is said to have confessed to the attack on the young woman. The victim and the perpetrator would have known. Met you on the eve of the fact, in fact.

That’s enough, apparently, to qualify a crime in a certain way: “it Was a crime of passion?”, that was a Heading. It sounds like something to declare. However, it is misleading. “Crime of passion” – also with regard to this term the news Department of the ARD explained that currently just under a year ago, why you haven’t reported on the murder of a fifteen-year-old girl in Kandel. It was a “crime of passion”, and “relationship did” not reports.