After a rocket attack by Palestinian militants from the Gaza strip, Israel’s air force bombarded on Monday several targets in the coastal strip. Fighter jets and helicopters have attacked targets in the Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas in a military camp in the North of the Palestinian territory, and informed the army. There were initially no reports on possible Victims.

Israel’s military response to a missile attack on its territory. After the sirens in the coastal city of Ashkelon, Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome (iron dome) have intercepted the missile, it said in a statement.

a Dangerous escalation

on Sunday, Israeli helicopter gunships had two Hamas bases in the Gaza strip attacked. Previously, a flying object was sent from the Palestinian territory on the Israeli side. According to the army, Palestinian militants had attached an explosive device to a plurality of balloons.

In November, escalated the conflict between Israel and militant Palestinian organizations in the blockaded coastal strip is dangerous. Almost 500 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel. A man in Israel was killed during heavy Israeli counter-attacks, seven Palestinians were killed. An Egypt-mediated ceasefire has held ever since, to a large extent.

The Hamas is classified by Israel, the United States and the EU as a terrorist organization. Israel has imposed more than ten years ago, a Blockade on the coastal territory, which is supported by Egypt. Both countries justify this with security interests. In the Gaza strip, approximately two million people live under difficult conditions. There is a lack, among other things, drinking water and electricity.

Bolton said that they wanted to ensure “the defense of Israel and our other friends in the Region and also to those who care, who have fought with us against the IS and other terrorist groups”.

Under President Donald Trump, and Netanyahu was the relationship of the United States with Israel is “the best in our history,” said Bolton. He accused Iran to continue building nuclear weapons. “The United States and Israel are strategically committed to prevent this.” Of the United States ‘ support for Israel’s right to self-defense no doubt could exist, – said Bolton.