Brian Lynch, husband of Kim Clijsters, will be the return of his wife to be a “good challenge”. He is fully behind it. In fact, he has made a comeback, sure.

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now, The challenge is enormous, and that should not be underestimated, says Brian Lynch. “Up the mountain they have to climb is very high. To play tennis, she has to be a certain point at the back left. Her focus was completely on her tennis academy and her family. They didn’t play more of a daily basis for tennis, far from it. It is, therefore, an incredible challenge, but it would be really unique. As a mother of one child, but with a large family to do so. It’s been an exciting adventure. I’m at the back, and the kids, too.”

Blake, the youngest, is at the end of October, three years old; Jack, about a couple of days to six. Harmony is eleven.

the Everyday play, and she did not. Occasionally, and at her tennis academy, but she is at the ball. “In the last two years with the legends at the grand slams continue to go on. And always, when she got home, she said the same thing: “ I feel like I’m a player myself, not a legend, ’. And I would say, if you have your back to them, you should do it right now.”

And Lynch have really been convinced to make the move. Frank says he is, he said, “If you feel that you are competitive and want to rise to the challenge and do it. You have but one life to live. Is nothing, just try it. It is the career that you have always had-impossible to harm. To stay here and not let those precious years, and you know, not on the nose a try. ” Why not? Let’s do this. .”

the Dismissal was an opening,

at a Crucial point in the decision-making process was the case last winter. At the end of november, and Brian Lynch as a basketcoach fired in the first division Spirou Charleroi. Lynch: “that’s When she saw an opening. Therefore, they could not do it, when our children were young. It was a very busy time for mom to be, her tennis academy and will support me when I am in Charleroi airport was located. When it happened to me, she did, ” if there is to be any chance, it is now.”


in the Meantime coaches, Brian Lynch, and again, since march in the first division in Limburg United, and he will leave the team in the lurch, just in time for the competitiestart in the Euromillions lottery Basketball Team. The man was stopped in 2009, with the basketten in Antwerp Giants, to take his wife’s full support in her career, but at this moment in time, he did not have to stop with the coach. United are playing on Friday in the first game of the season. “I’m very motivated to get to the coach”.

“I will do whatever my family needs it,”

And if she is successful in her comeback. He Is once again ready with his own career to do so? “I will do whatever my family needs. As for my family and me to go to work, I will do just that. My family and me to have Kim’s support as a husband, or have my children remember their father, then and only then I could think of.”

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