The Federal labor laws protect workers’ rights to collective action in workplace-related issues.

Prosecutors from the U.S. Labor Board have claimed that Amazon- Whole Foods Market banned employees from wearing “Black Lives Matter” masks, and punished those who did, according Bloomberg.

In a complaint filed Friday by the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, the San Francisco regional director of the National Labor Relations Board stated that the grocery chain had maintained U.S. appearance rules to prevent staff from wearing Black Lives Mattermessages.

According to the suit, the company is also accused in firing, sending home, and punishing employees across the country for wearing BLM pins or masks during 2020.

Whole Foods stated in a statement that its dress code policy was designed to provide Team Members and customers with a work environment and a high-quality shopping experience. We don’t believe that uniform messages should distract from our mission.

Federal labor laws protect workers’ rights to collective action in workplace disputes.

The Democrats who are leading the NLRB under President Biden indicate that they have a wider view of this protection than their predecessors, former President Trump.

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The agency’s lawyers claimed that Whole Foods was preventing employees from exercising their legal rights and participating in “in concerted actions for their mutual assistance and protection”.

Jill Coffman (NLRB regional director in San Francisco) stated in a statement that “Issues racial harassment or discrimination are central for employees’ working conditions. The National Labor Relations Act protects employees right to advocate to change.” “Through this complaint we seek to enforce and protect workers’ rights for speaking out about these important issues.

According to the complaint employees in 10 states (California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Virginia. Maryland. Georgia. Washington.) were warned at different times in 2020 to take off Black Lives Matter clothing or to be punished for it.