A young woman is in a very unfortunate way of life, arrived in the republic of belarus. Based on her 21st birthday, she came up with her head wedged between the glass pane of her car when she had her daughter, 2-it wants to pick it up.

as for Arthur, he might hit his wife on the 31st of August, on her 21st birthday, at 16: 30 knocked at the home of friends, where she is the guest of were. The woman, Yulia, wanted to like this-year-old daughter of two of the half-open front window of the BMW, once the little girl is unsuspecting on the button to be pushed in order for the window to close it. So it was Yulia, with her head stuck in there.

Arthur immediately caught on and hit the pane of glass is broken. Yulia was taken by ambulance to the hospital, Staroe Selo, but eight days later she died there. Due to the lack of oxygen, she had irreparable brain damage occurred.

The man’s only left with two daughters: Margarita, Arianna.