for the leadership of all American nuclear forces responsible Strategic command of the United States (U.S. Stratcom) has made on new year’s eve with a message on the short message service Twitter for attention. The later deleted message the command was formulated, apparently, against the Background of one of the most famous new year’s eve traditions in the country. Every year since 1907, will be released on new year’s eve, one Minute before midnight, a time ball from the roof of the New York skyscraper at One Times Square on a pole down.

The command tweeted with reference to the Tradition: “If we are ever needed, we are ready for something much, much Bigger.” A video sequence which was also part of the Tweets showed, according to the matching information of American media, a flying B-2 stealth bomber that drops after a few seconds, two GPS-guided bombs, which explode on the ground in a huge ball of fire. Accompanied the sequence was. Reportedly of pulsating music and the words, “Stealth” (secretly), “Ready” (ready) and “Lethal” (deadly), were successively displayed, in large letters,

In a first reaction to the news channel CNN, a spokesman for the Strategic command said in the Tweet, therefore, to assure the Americans that the military always be ready. Also on new year’s eve.

As reported in the New York Times, the Tweet for three hours in the network. Then he was cleared and a new message replaced. The command apologized. “Our previous new year’s eve tweet was tasteless, and does not reflect our values.” To serve the security of America and its allies.

The Strategic command of the United States is one of ten so-called “Unified Combatant Commands”, about the American armed forces. While the six regional commands are virtually all corners of the globe, is responsible, is one of Stratcom, one of the four functional commands. In addition to the leadership of all American nuclear forces, it is also for the national missile defense and all space activities.