Have you thought about declaring your income? For a more than substantial number of taxpayers, it is already too late: it was necessary to do so before May 31, 2022 to avoid the risk of offending the tax administration and its teams. Besides, the others still have a few days to declare their income, as Planet has already explained. The inhabitants of the departments labeled number 55 to 976 are therefore preserved. Until June 8 only! After this date, the least alert will also join the list of latecomers.

It is not a very pleasant experience, explains the French administration on the public service website. Anyone who declares their income late must indeed pay penalties and expose themselves to an increase in their tax. He or she may even face possible late payment interest.

In detail, specifies the site of the public service, three scenarios stand out on the side of the tax increases.

In some cases, the increase can increase to 80%. That being said, this implies that the administration discovers the exercise of an occult activity.

Late payment interest amounts to 0.20% of the tax due per month of delay. This represents 2.4% per year, in total.