they are available with and without a colon, and you will either be eaten without anything, with a soft bun, or with fries: The Currywust is one of the most popular snack dishes in Germany. Each year, 800 million of these sausages are brought in Germany woman, man and child. As the home of the proletarian specialty of Berlin. Because here is supposed to have invented in the war, Herta Heuwer, the operator of the snack stand in the Charlottenburg district, the special curry sausage sauce; a plaque at the site of the former Sausage shop on the corner of kantstraße and Kaiser-Friedrich-Straße commemorates the heroic deed from the September, 1949.

Markus Wehner

Political correspondent in Berlin.

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the history of The particular sausage, which invention was the troops reaction to the taste of the American occupation, and has competed ever since their triumphant March on Berlin and Germany, dedicated since 2009, the Berlin currywurst-Museum. It is the former East-West border crossing Checkpoint Charlie was located. To marvel at, there was a Takeaway from the inside, Herta Heuwers reconstructed residential and sauce kitchen or a Riechorgel with various curry blends. However, in the new year, Berlin can no longer take tourists on the sausage sofa in the protect street space. Because three days before Christmas, the currywurst-Museum sealing. Note on the door and a note on the Internet make it clear that the establishment of “permanently closed”. Nearly one Million tourists had visited in the course of nine years, the Museum. The expiring lease would not extend to the operator now.

How big is the cultural loss for the city?

How big is the cultural loss for the city, is debatable. Some users found the admission of the eleven Euro too expensive, others complained that some of the interactive attractions were working last. The exhibition pieces are to be initially, and later on in the course of a travelling exhibition used to be stored, in order to make the “cult snack in Berlin internationally known” – at least this is what the “Berliner Kurier” reported about the plans of the Museum operator.