A student and on the climate: you’re not grown up enough to tell the truth


    Just three minutes of the speech, the 15-year-old Greta Thunberg on Wednesday night at the climate summit in Katowice. But these a short time, the 15-year-old Swede is enough to address in the name of your generation of clear words to the politicians present. To make “you speak only of green, eternal economic growth, because you have too much anxiety you disliked. You only talk about it, with the same bad ideas continue, which have led us into this crisis. And, although the only sensible decision would be to pull the emergency brake,“ said Thunberg.”You’re not even Mature enough to tell the truth.”

    The Video of her appearance is viral. Also, once again, as a possible American presidential candidate, traded Democrat Bernie Sanders has shared it. The words of the young climate activist sparked worldwide sensation and interest: Some are inspired, some reports of goose bumps, some find, of course, the student have no idea.

    Brave Thun Berg’s appearance is, in any case. What drives you, it has been previously declared in a Video of the Initiative”Democracy Now”. With nine years you have read for the first Time about climate change and want to know more. Especially the so-called”tipping points,” moments at which certain developments in climate change are unstoppable, you are interested in. In your Research you have found, “that the people make always the one to say this, but the opposite.”

    This finding does Thunberg depressed. You don’t stop to talk, to eat, for a whole year she goes to school. Finally, she begins to change her life: she is not a vegan, flies, and has imposed a shopping stop:”I only buy new things when there is no other way,” says the student. Also, your parents moved you to a reversal of this trend: her mother, an internationally known Opera singer, is expecting you after each flight, how high the CO2 emissions are caused.She has moved her career now to Sweden. In addition, the family has purchased an E-car. You are also to the climate summit in Poland of dangers, even though the trip took two days.

    “My brain works differently”

    this year, Greta has not gone back to school. This time she didn’t but stayed at home, but sit instead in front of the Swedish Parliament to protest. The idea for the school to strike you from the United States: In the spring many students for a tightening of the gun laws went on strike after the attack on a school in Parkland. Why should this not also go for the climate?

    “in The beginning no one wanted to join in and I had to go alone,” says Greta “Democracy Now”. On the second day had been set but more and more people to her.“ Now you know the whole country. For three weeks they protested every day.In the meantime, she attends four days per week in the classroom and on strike only on Fridays.In their view, the Swedes were able to reduce their emissions in the past years just because you have outsourced in the other countries produce. Sweden was not the model, as it is often suggested, the student.