Cheese recalls: listeria and allergenic substance in these products


Do you like to accompany the aperitif or end your meal with a piece of cheese? Take care. Items sold throughout France are subject to a voluntary recall between Monday August 08 and Thursday August 12, 2022, indicates the Rappel Conso site. The reasons why they are recalled? The presence of an allergenic substance (egg lysozyme), a different milk treatment (pasteurized instead of thermized) as well as the presence of listeria – or at least the suspicion of its presence – in the products.

Consumers are therefore likely to consume it… However, this can represent a health risk. Indeed, on the one hand, for allergy sufferers, the substance can lead to relatively significant disorders and symptoms.

On the other hand, the listeria bacterium is the cause of a disease called listeriosis, reports the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) website. It most often leads to hospitalization and death. In the European Union, 2,500 cases were reported in 2018.

Make sure you haven’t purchased the affected products. To do this, see the commodity references in our slideshow at the end of this article.

The consumption of these products is not recommended for your health. In case of symptoms such as fever, headache and body aches, it is best to consult your doctor. In addition, the Rappel Conso site indicates to destroy the foodstuffs or to bring them back to the point of sale. You will get a refund. For any complaint you can contact the customer service of the brands.