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it Was a season essential for Modric, Benzema, Kroos, Marcelo and Ramos. The champions of the three Champions consecutive could not continue two years without winning a major title. Real Madrid had signed Vinicius, Rodrygo, Mendy and Militao to make a change, next to Valverde, more or less quiet. This tranquility in the reform of the computer depended on the performance of these five leaders. They knew it. And Zidane tgambién. At the end they have managed a League championship which endorses the leap forward and were able to give and that few expected.

The relevance of the campaign is noticed in the functioning of the experienced men from the first day. Real Madrid was leading in the first eight days and lost the head of the championship in Mallorca, on the ninth day, a defeat that hurt so much. Zidane set out to implement the changes. Saw a decline of level and could not afford to lose the train of the League and in Europe. Valverde, Rodrygo became owners and Mendy was increasingly protagonist. Modric and Marcelo began to lose the site.

The veterans reacted to it. The revolution of the youth was threatening and the old guard of Zidane kept the pulse of the Barcelona. The white set fought for the end of the scepter to the highest rival after two years of triumph azulgrana. Zinedine repeated the strategy of his previous success garter belt with constant rotation of players. Has added fifty-two alignments consecutive different in all competitions by own choice, not only because of the low. Each day has introduced a minimum of three developments and has come to switch to seven men between party and party. His tactics gave the court of veterans and youth in a respite continuum that encourages competition.

analysis of change

The draw in the Camp Nou, in that confining political of Real Madrid, prelude metaphorical of the pandemic, showed the men of Zidane that they were at the same level or even a step above that of the Barcelona. Gave them wings. Victory in the Supercopa of Spain in Saudi Arabia, in January, offered the best version of the white set. But in February came a decline of performance worrying. The Celtic tied the score in the Bernabeu and a few days later the Levante defeated the leader and let him out of that condition.

The triumph about the Barcelona was another shot of adrenaline, the effect of which decreased after a week when Real Madrid lost in the Villamarín four dates before confinement national. Casemiro claimed that they had given him eight points and the lead in five days. They had to react. The running of the bulls at home and was, unknowingly, a benefit for Real Madrid.

Zidane, Bettoni, Dupont, Ramos and the other chiefs of the site analyzed, which should take advantage of this opportunity, without any competition matches, to give a twist to the physical state of the group. It was the only way to reverse the situation and to aspire to the title of League. It was the hour of the veterans. Or improved or they would end up in the graveyard of the elephants, that Bale has occupied since a long time ago.

The stop I came good to the team because Dupont’s planned a physical job general and individual for each player, in order to shape and finish off your status when you return to the training field. The magnificent streak of consecutive victories in this second phase of the League has demonstrated the success of the physical preparation and the response of the professionals. We have seen the best Modric from two years ago. Ramos looks like a young man. Kroos is more agile. Marcelo has improved until his recent injury. And Benzema is on its best explosion of talent. The contribution of Mendy, Vinicius, Valverde and Rodrygo put the clasp. A League of veterans and newcomers.