The public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde and has a Thursday-fine of 600 euros brought against 26 people, as they have in the federal election of may 26, are not, or were too late to arrive for their duties as an assessor or as chairman of one voice, or telbureau-to-play. The judgments will fall on the 28th of november.

In total, no less than 486 men who, on the 26th of may, or not, to let it show up as a or president, for a good cause, could be detected. All of these people were given an opportunity to make an out of court settlement of up to 250 euros to pay for it, and 383 of them were also on offer. Of the 103 people who did not pay were brought to trial before the court of first instance.

as of Thursday, had 26 of them, to appear. The two of them said, then they are certainly on show, but which of them it was said that she went to the house were allowed to return home. A stand-alone restaurant, and a self-trained nurse and kept them on the 26th of may, they had to work with, and would not have been able to free it or replace it, as a woman who alleged that she was never a notice if the assessor had been received. Also, its an invitation to be interviewed, or an out of court settlement to pay, they would never have been given. As a young man, lived in the time of the elections in the Philippines, and claimed that he was in the church at the height would have to be taken. A woman presented a medical certificate to show that they on the 26th of may, was very ill.

Only for the final, the public prosecutor of any term, but for the other gedagvaarden, it was still a fine of 600 euros will be charged, though it was the public prosecutor’s office in the majority of cases, however, a penalty on one or more occasions.

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