A halterófilo Russian part of the two knees to try to lift 400 pounds in the squat


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The halterófilo Russian Alexander Sedykh has suffered a horrific injury when he tried to lift pounds at sentilla. At the time that was the beginning of the eccentric lowering phase of the movement, the ligaments of two knees gave in, and the joints broke completely.

Sedykh had to spend six hours in the operating room to repair the very serious effects of the injury. “The doctor said that I joined either knee and the quadriceps muscle is sewn with a stitch twice. My wife also wrote that my meniscus was torn and the tendons came out flying. But I sewed all. Everything hurts, but we’re holding our own,” said Russian sources.

The terrifying images of the double breakage occurred in the context of the Word Raw Powerlifting Federation, in which Sedykh defended the title of champion of Europe.

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