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The Sant Jordi of summer with a mask, yes, but also with instruction manual. Nothing of wandering for the streets hunting for a book and a rose, let us not say because of apretujarse before the booth of a bookstore or asardinarse in Rambla Catalunya while the sun hits with a vengeance. What a firmita of your favorite author? Not so so fast. Before that you have to go through the boxes hydroalcoholic gel, a distance of safety, personal responsibility, and, above all, appointment. Yes, with prior appointment.

And is that, at least in Barcelona, who wants to crown this second attempt of Day of the Book and the Rose with the signing of a novelist, youtuber, chef, or tertullian, off-road, you should request an appointment in the library chosen and submitted to the assigned time. Neither before nor after. “Every hour, hour and a quarter, the authors change of location, which will allow to avoid crowds,” notes Marià Marín, secretary-manager of the Guild of Booksellers of Catalonia, during the presentation of the measures in the health and logistics of Sant Jordi, which relocated to the 23 of July because of the pandemic, is presented as the most bizarre and perplexing story.

“This 23 of July will not be a Sant Jordi, will have nothing to do. It will look like because there will be stops in the street and authors signing, but it is already,” says the president of the Book Chamber of Catalonia, Patrici Tixis. In reality, that is what next week looks like more or less a Day from the Book of life-will depend in good part on how to advance the flare-ups in Barcelona and surroundings -in the Segrià and in Reus, for example, have already renounced to celebrate this Sant Jordi summer – worst, according to Tixis, it’s hard, “very hard” that the second is not go the due. “It will be bigger or smaller, but may be held”, he emphasized, Tixis, for whom anyone who buys a book on the 23rd will already be celebrating,in their way, the Day of the Book. It will be Sant Jordi, as the procession, too, goes inside.

no photos or handshakes

So, waiting for the publishers to advertise the author names that will mobilize for a few sessions of signatures which, in addition to a prior appointment, there will also be a distance of three feet between the author and the reader that will help to avoid any hint of selfie or handshake, the Sant Jordi of summer is, essentially, a listing of standards and forecasts to memorize before you leave the house. In Barcelona, the nerve centre of the day, will be closed to traffic for a good part of Paseo de Gracia, five apples between Valencia street and Plaza Catalunya, and will be installed in the driveway, an enclosed space and perimetrado that will host 110 stops, bookstores, publishing houses, florists , and spaces specially designed for the book signing.

Other 90 stops will be dealt by the rest of the city, which implies that the Sant Jordi 2020 reduces the number of exhibitors by 70%. In the rest of Catalonia, the booksellers will be able to put a stop in front of their establishment, and, in the worst case, and if the health situation prevents the outer activity, what is left of the celebration will move to the interior of the libraries. “There will be no library closed on the 23 of July”, stresses the president of the Guild of Booksellers, Carme Ferrer.

see Also florists rely on to be able to celebrate the day with some normality, and prepare a consignment of special white roses as a “tribute to the pain lived through these months and as a symbol of hope in the future”.