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l uruguayan Winthrop Scott Perry, current vice president of World Sailing -World Federation of Sailing – has officially presented its candidature to the presidency of the organization and will be a rival of the current president, the dane Kim Andersen, and Spanish Gerardo Seeliger.

The entrepreneur uruguayan 72-year-old former president of the Federation of Pan-american Sailing and vice-president of the World Sailing since 2008, he has occupied numerous positions within the organization including the responsibility of the Audit Committee and the Constitution Committee.

Is a member of yacht clubs of Uruguay, Argentina and Spain. Its enterprises are located in eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Great Britain, Peru, Spain, EE. UU. And Uruguay), including two banks and a publicly traded company on the New York Stock exchange.

In a variety of media points that could lead to a candidacy continuation supported by several National Federations related to Andersen.

earlier this year, Perry warned that the pandemic coronavirus had worsened the precarious financial situation of the World Sailing and the deferral of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 had exacerbated these financial problems”.

Still waiting for the possible filing of a fourth candidacy prior to the closing of the same, on the 6th of September. The election is to be held each November with the vote virtual in the General Assembly of Dubai.

on the other hand, both Seeliger y Perry have expressed their concern for the virtual meeting that Andersen held yesterday with members of the National Federations during the election campaign, because that goes against the regulations.

The Election Committee has pointed out that the virtual meetings that have been held regularly in recent months, in the midst of restrictions to international travel due to the crisis of the COVID-19, do not violate any rule.

it has Also warned the candidates of the prohibition of the use of communication agencies and consultants to help in their campaign according to the rules published by the committee last month.

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