Before the re-opening of the American exchanges this Wednesday afternoon (15.30 CET) recommends the President of Donald Trump to use the last of the fallen classes of the stock purchase. “I think it is to buy a great opportunity. Really to buy a great opportunity,“ said Trump on the first Christmas day, in front of reporters in the White house. He had “great confidence” in the American company.

Trump looks at the increasing share prices in the first year of his term as his merit, and responded with increasing anger to the currently weak markets. In the center of his criticism of the Central Bank, the Federal Reserve (Fed) increased the interest rates, having regard to the economic data slowly, but steadily. “You have to raise interest rates quickly, this is my opinion,” said Trump. The concern of the President is not without reason: Rising interest rates lead to investors increasingly rely on fixed-income securities, and thus tend to be less equities and corporate bonds to buy. As a result, the economy’s growth is slowed down.

To the displeasure Trumps further gradual interest rate increases, according to the (Fed) last week probably. However, the Central Bank only two interest rate expected increases in the coming year, rather than three, as in September, indicated.

Asian stock exchanges on 1. Christmas day deep in the Minus

Trumps Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin had tried last weekend to calm the markets. He promised, the President plans to dismiss the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Phone calls Mnuchins with the heads of some of the largest American banks seem to have investors, however, rather more worried.