The Dutch-Belgian biotechnology company Galapagos has, in consultation with the partner, MorphoSys’s clinical development program MOR106, in eczema, to stop, to have the two companies Monday night in a press release, let me know.

In 2018, had MorphoSys and Galapagos have an exclusive license to at Norvartis, for the use of an antibody for the development of a new therapy for eczema, but the clinical efficacy of the treatment cannot be demonstrated, is needed.

The main reason for the collective decision of the three parties involved, a recommendation from an internal data monitoring committee, and is based on a mid-term futiliteitsanalyse in the Phase 2 of THESE studies. From this analysis, it appeared that it was unlikely that was the main purpose of the study, the percent change in the eczema and severity index (EASI) score was achieved, it ought to be. The recommendation was based on the lack of efficacy and concerns about safety and security, according to the companies.

in All of the studies suffer from eczema may be terminated, and the parties go on to say that the future strategy is to MOR106, co was first discovered by Galapagos and MorphoSys, see.
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