The news certainly did not escape you: energy prices have started to soar, and the bill is high for many households, despite the price shield announced by the government.

For electricity and gas, the price increase has thus been set at 15% in 2023. The percentage corresponds to

Similarly, a special fuel oil energy check should be distributed from November to the households concerned.

The priority this winter remains to save as much energy as possible: the crisis in the French electricity fleet and the problems caused by the conflict in Ukraine are making the situation more uncertain than ever. In the event of tension on the network, the government has even provided for the implementation of rotating load shedding at the height of the cold season.

Ministries are therefore calling for “energy sobriety”, both to get through the winter, but also to allow everyone to save precious euros on the bill.

“Every gesture counts”: this is the theme of the government’s campaign. This is also the point of Quentin Mégret, a young apprentice repairman specializing in thermal equipment and eco-responsible practices.

In this sense, he has distilled, on the Facebook page of his future company Dépann’Eco, 31 tips for saving energy (and money) every day, by adopting a few simple gestures.

“I am convinced that part of the energy consumed by a household could be reduced by adopting simple gestures like those presented in my energy advice”, he confided to France 3.

Discover these 31 tips in our slideshow and apply them at home!