Antwerp < / P> K3 is a Wednesday, to be found at the book fair in Antwerp, belgium. There the signs and the most famous of the trio, from belgium and the Netherlands, among other books, and cd’s to their fans, and they get them in the picture. However, the girls themselves will also get a lot of gifts, which are sometimes quite remarkable.

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to Sing, to dance, to jump, and will continue to laugh at 28 degrees, K 3, take 24 clip, and we were able to:

Q3-Hanne, Klaasje and a short history would sell over 500,000 records, but they still fight against the us’s image”

More about K3-K3-strips, and after three albums and disposed of in Q3, let the girls kiss in a new video, but there is nothing special about it to find the Studio 100: “Homosexuality is the most normal thing in the world” in Q3, choosing to re-up for diversity, and to allow the girls to kiss in new music video, Singing, dancing, jump to it and continue to laugh at is 28 degrees and K3 will take 24 to clip it on, and we were able to