It Is a phenomenon of our living room as a fitting room’ is gradually past? Some of the local stores will let their customers pay for retourverzendingen. Though the big international competitors, however, are still mostly free of politics. “Unlimited and free of charge returns can be a form of unfair competition.”

the One on Saturday morning at the local office of Bpost. Among the people, there are a number of customers, with several dozen of well-known e-commercegiganten in and of itself. For the purpose of this is to send it back.

the question is, in the process, however. For example, Zalando in a country like Italy clothing is back for some time now, is no longer free of charge. Further aims of the supply chain through the use of “do not remove” tags to avoid the customer wear it once wear it and then return it. But in spite of that, some of the local Dutch e-shops, and stopped by the return of the phenomenon is still quite widespread.

now, Free of charge, it is not. The Dutch betaaldienstverlener Afterpay been investigated recently, data from the 5,000 web stores in the Benelux, for which they are payment services. Particular clothing has to come to terms with the phenomenon of more than 40 per cent of all orders come back.

The method takes as an e-commerce business a lot of money. Afterpay estimates that each return is an online clothing store, on average, between 10 and 15 euros, the cost of handling and shipping. Already includes such a large retailer it will cost, and optimize all the terugzendproces. In addition, some free of charge retourdienst have a competitive advantage over retailers who don’t offer it.