21’000 tonnes of Diesel leaked – leak in the power plant: Putin calls for national emergency Jean, a Russian industrial city on the Northern polar sea 21’000 tonnes of Diesel from a storage tank out. Now, hundreds of emergency workers are trying to prevent an environmental disaster. 0 comment an Aerial photo shows Oil in one of the rivers outside of Norilsk, Russia, flows. (4. June 2020)Keystone/EPA/Krasnoyarsk region Governor’s press service

According to the leak in a Russian power plant on the North polar sea forces try to prevent a major environmental disaster.

Alone on Thursday more than 50 tons of Diesel were taken from a river in the vicinity of pumped, informed the authorities on Friday of the state Agency Ria Novosti, according to. Close to the industrial city of Norilsk, about 21 000 tons of Diesel from a storage tank out. President Vladimir Putin had to call because of the incident the national state of emergency.

Meanwhile, nearly 500 local specialists, the Agency Interfax reported. They wore, therefore, a large area of contaminated soil around the power plant and pumped out more than 200 tons of fuel. This Work could take at least two weeks, it was said.

Due to thawing of Permafrost?

at the end of may large quantities of fuel were spilled into the rivers Daldykan and Ambarnaja. With oil Booms to prevent more Diesel flows into the Kara sea, the part of the Great Arctic reserve is.

environmentalists fear that it will cause mass fish die-off. They estimate the damage to the environment the equivalent of more than 91 million euros. According to your information this is the first major accident of this type on the North polar sea.

Nickel manufacturer Nornickel (formerly Norilsk Nickel), which operates the power plant in the North of Russia, sees a reason for the misfortune in the thawing of the Permafrost. The leak was formed, because a Tank had been damaged. This had been held by Supports, which declined in the soil. Experts have long warned that rising temperatures of the permafrost soil thaws and, in consequence, infrastructure can be destroyed.

(SDA /sep)

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