Corona-aid 200 million loan – for a club of Tottenham Hotspur, the club with the start Rainer, José Mourinho, is to rely on the financial support and the “Bank of England asks” for help. 0 Kommentare200 Million? A lot of money, also José Mourinho.VQH

It is not a month, since the Federal government promised the Swiss football loans in the amount of 200 million Swiss francs. Sounds like a lot, it is also. But you look once more to England, in the Premier League, where eh, everything is bigger and more expensive, the amount that is to be used for the management of the Corona-crisis, is downright puny.

Just as much, the equivalent of sinds a few Milliönchen, you need a top of the class of the Premier League, in order to survive. Tottenham Hotspur has received from the “Bank of England” is also a loan of 175 million pounds big it should be. The Association continues to benefit from the CCFF (Covid19 Corporate Financing Facility), an auxiliary program of the Bank, the larger company offers support in Overcoming liquidity constraints.

Also in the Premier League mind games, the club important revenue fall away. Also games in the US would be in the new stadium of the Spurs-American Football League NFL, and concerts are to take place. And the Clubs repayments to the TV rights-holders are threatening, because the games could not take place as planned, here is totals in the millions.

“Reasonable and balanced” money

José Mourinho to spend, usually one that is not stingy, kept to himself the last few days as also fancy, when it came time to talk about the squad for the coming season. “Reasonable and balanced” he wanted to act in the transfer market, “without oodles of money to spend”. The Spurs coach told Sky Sports: “We try to respect the Situation – not only the football, but the world and society.”

Also, Mourinho’s Team has a transfer minus one. The Spurs have spent in the summer of 2018/19 a penny for new players, there were in the 148 million Euro. From game sales, two periods of 62 million, resulting in a decrease of 86 million resulted in this. This is in comparison to the Rest of the League – still harmless. The Clubs in the Premier League spent in the same period, a total of nearly 1.8 billion for new players. It is quite possible that the “Bank of England” will still receive more requests for loans.


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