10 things from the 90s that can make you big


Music, toys for children… If you knew the 1990s, your cellar or attic is surely full of objects that interest collectors. Indeed, this not so distant period is making a strong comeback in fashion, so why not for collectors? If the success is not yet comparable to that of the 1980s, you could still make great discoveries in your boxes.

Contrary to popular belief, collections are not just of interest to the elderly, according to an IFOP survey carried out in partnership with Ebay and published in April 2021. According to the results of the study, “current collectors of at least one object are clearly more numerous in the ranks of young people under 25 (49%) than in those of seniors (38% of those over 65).

Unsurprisingly, young people are particularly interested in certain objects, far from stamp collections or tea cups. Here’s what they like:

That’s good news if you have 1990s items to spare. Playing cards and figurines are indeed popular items of this decade, as you can see in the slideshow below. Be careful, not all of your children’s or grandchildren’s toys will find a buyer, but some could be worth a small fortune, without you even knowing it.

Good surprise, some vinyls, but also CDs can be resold very expensive, according to the site Delcampe, site of belly between collectors. The 10 objects below could well supplement your ends of the month if you offer them for sale. Do not hesitate to take a look in your attic, you could find a treasure there…