Professional sport is allowed to open – Federal Council makes the football-mind games from 6. June will beeven in Sport 6 from the. June events with up to 300 people to be re-done. About the further procedure in the case of events with up to 1000 persons, the Federal Council is on 24. June are. Marco Keller0 comment soon hot duels on Swiss football places such as here between Basel and Young Boys are again possible. Photo: Keystone

For sports events, three of the relaxations in principle, the same rules as for all other events shall not be considered in Phase. Not allowed – expected to be up at 6. July – are competitions in sports, with constant, close physical contact, like Swing, Judo, Boxing, or couple dance.

All the training possible

In all sports is allowed after 6. June, without limitation, the group sizes of the contact to be trained, including those with a narrow body. In these sports, the training must take place in stable Teams, and presence lists.

the condition is that for all of the facilities and events protection concepts are available. The Hygiene and spacing rules must still be adhered to.

Until 24. June will be located in the Federal Council about how to do it with events between 300 and 1000 people and a further loosening more. Large-scale events with more than 1000 persons but to 31. August is prohibited. “We want to simplify before the summer of the current arrangements,” said Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga.

Far-reaching consequences could have the new relaxations, in particular for the game of football, in theory, could be played in the Swiss Football League in ten days without an audience again. On Friday, the leaders of the Clubs of Super League and Challenge League in Bern meet and decide whether they play in February interrupted the Championships with the “Spirit” want to continue or not.

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