in a cross-border behavior, it is as good as anywhere. So it’s no surprise, then, that it is in the world, and the self-employed may be. But that’s less than one out of six, and for women, one in five – do not have to deal with it, that’s a little bit of a shock for us. If the decision is a warning bell.

In Flanders returns to 16.4 per cent of self-employed entrepreneurs in the past twelve months, to be the victim of one or more forms of challenging behaviour at work. That’s according to research conducted by the Foundation for Innovation, and the Work of the SERVICE, and the Social and Economic Council of Flanders, and of which association if the decision to cooperate. Rapid considered is of the order of about 57.000 casualties per year. It includes intimidation, threats, bullying, harassment, and even physical violence.

Not surprisingly, the industries with relatively high personal contact between the seller and the customer, who most often have to deal with forms of misconduct. “It’s going to in the first place, to get to the hotel and catering industry and the liberal professions, for example doctors and lawyers,” said Danny Van Assche, ceo of Unizo. “As to general practitioners, physiotherapists, or thuisverplegers, in some cases, literally, physically, in touch with their customers. It can be out of your control. And in the case of lawyers, judicial officers, or auditors are in a conflict, then again, happens all the time.”

Customers, not scare away.

“With these figures, we would like to draw attention to a neglected and misunderstood issue, that is little spoken of,” said Danny Van Assche. “That is, the operators concerned are sealed to do so, on the one hand, out of fear. But, on the other hand, they are often also the relationship with the customer is not in the first place. It is, after all, is their a way of making money.”

other than the employees, that is, with this kind of problem to talk to a representative within their company, are self employed and are on your own. “That’s why we have this topic are more likely to address during the training and in the industry, and beroepsbijeenkomsten,” says the November’s executive chairman. “The introduction of a new health budget, which is something that we have been for the pleading, it may be of help. With that amount, the company may at its own discretion to invest in prevention, and personal well-being, or in an assertiveness training.”

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