A few bits of digital news

We now have a preview of a highly anticipated independent Quebec game in the fall, This Bed We Made, from the studio Lowbirth Games. And it promises. A free demo and a trailer allow you to grasp the tone and polished graphics, very 1950s, of this game mixing crime and love. It personifies Sophie, a chambermaid in a Montreal hotel, who snoops in search of clues about the secrets of her clients.

Chemists are uniquely positioned to explain the risk posed by lithium-ion batteries, which are believed to have caused 24 fires in Montreal last year. These batteries can “overheat” and “spontaneously ignite,” warns the Ordre des chimistes du Québec. Pay close attention to wear, “normal or premature”, and promptly dispose of any battery showing signs of malfunction, “such as unusual heat development”. Finally, if need be reiterated, “consumers should never dispose of lithium-ion batteries in the garbage or recycling bins.”

ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery, released in 1994 and re-released in HD in 2015, is considered one of the best roguelike games. It is also the one that takes the longest, at 2,000 hours, to conclude at 100%, according to a study by the site Cribbage Online, which analyzed more than 6,000 games on all platforms. Sid Meier’s Civilization V comes second with 1214 hours. In the top 10, the authors note, there are 7 games originally released before 2010.

For genealogy enthusiasts, it’s a bit like Christmas in June. Library and Archives Canada announced at the end of May that data from the 1931 Canadian census will be made available to the public. That year was notably the first time the question was asked, “Does this family have a radio [sic]?” Ancestry has used its handwriting recognition technology to create a digital index, which can now be searched by province, district and municipality.

Since May 31, you can choose the voice of tennis player and newly retired Roger Federer. “I’m fired up for this ride”, “I feel good physically and mentally”, “I’m ready, are you?” “, can we hear him declaim in particular with his Swiss accent.