The American fashion chain Forever 21 is planning to be at least one hundred stores are closing. It reports news agency Bloomberg, on the basis of the lay public. The procedure would have to be part of a major reorganization of the company, for the fall must be so difficult.

Forever 21 is grappling with severe financial problems, and after a short period of time is hard to be a grown up. The company would have a deferred payment wish to apply through what is called a ‘Chapter 11’ procedure. That will allow you to continue to operate while a plan to set up. Forever 21, among other things, approximately $ 75 million is needed for salvation.

Forever 21, just don’t comment. Of the company held earlier a post of The Wall Street Journal reported that the chain is coming Sunday, and the insolvency would apply.

In total, Forever 21, and more than 800 retail stores in the United States of america, Europe, Asia pacific, Latin america and north America. The chain, known for relatively low-priced fashion products for the youth, and until 2016 in Belgium, with a branch office in Brussels and one in Antwerp, belgium. In Brussels, it was in the shop after the fire in 2013 will never be re-opened, while in Antwerp had to close because of sky-high prices. Forever 21 has a store in the Netherlands, in the heart of the city.

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